IT Claim Consulting

A number of Australia's leading insurers and loss adjusters engage our services to provide expert advice on the assessment of a claim for IT and electronic equipment allegedly damaged by an insured event.

Upon inspection of the damaged equipment we are able to:

  • Determine the cause of the damage sustained by the insured equipment.
  • Quantify the extent of the damage sustained by the insured equipment.
  • Offer settlement recommendations regarding repair or replacement scenarios.
  • Provide a written report detailing the results of our investigations.
  • Following instruction, proceed with the recommended settlement scenario.
  • Offer/obtain salvage for remaining parts.

In most circumstances, depending on the customer's physical location and the description of the damage sustained, and the resultant effect on the insured equipment, we will arrange for the equipment to be shipped to our office for thorough investigation and testing. Our in-house specialist personnel are able to determine if the circumstances that led to the damage as detailed on the claim form by the customer could in fact have resulted in the actual damage sustained by the insured unit(s).

We will also review any repair or replacement quotation provided by the customer, and arrange for a further independent quotation to provide an alternative to the insurer or loss adjuster.

Where customers have preferred suppliers and/or repairers, we will negotiate with the local supplier and/or repairer to ensure that the best possible price is obtained. If the Customers preferred supplier and/or repairer’s price is still greater than ours, we will give that supplier the opportunity to beat our price!