Equipment Supply

“Where do I get this from?”

“Is this the nearest equivalent?”

“That looks expensive!”

These are common cries from Insurance staff around the country when they see a quote to replace IT equipment.

What makes Us different?

IT Claims Services has established accounts with many major wholesalers and suppliers of IT Equipment around Australia to ensure that we can locate and supply ALL types and ALL brands of IT Equipment.

We can supply: Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, Toshiba, Acer, LG, Panasonic, Brother, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Crumpler, Custom Configured Computers (White Box) and many many others.

Some of these companies you may never have heard of, but someone claims on them once in a blue moon.

IT Claims Services is not a retailer, and we don’t hold stock. This means that all quotes we supply are for the nearest equivalent replacements available, not what we happen to have on hand.

IT Claims Services can source & supply the correct equipment to your Customers and ship it to them anywhere within Australia through our suppliers' offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

Your customers get the nearest equivalent replacement ensuring that there is no unnecessary betterment.

As an added bonus, our wholesalers sometimes provide bonuses to give away with equipment. This can be a bag, more memory, USB sticks etc. What a great surprise for your Customers when they receive their replacement equipment.